9PROXY Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 25th September 2023


This document governs and outlines the Privacy Policy of 9Proxy, the Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows-based online proxy service application through which we offer our services. At our application and website, we prioritize the privacy of all our users, customers, clients, and buyers. This privacy statement is crafted to elucidate our website’s data protection and data collection practices by articulating how we safeguard users’ data and the measures we've taken to adhere to various local and global privacy laws. This policy is intended for all users, clients, buyers, and customers (herein collectively referred to as “users”) to comprehend how our website and application (“we,” “our,” “9Proxy”) utilize, collect, share, and protect users’ information and data. We urge our users to review this privacy policy statement before using our proxy application and services. By using our application and services, users will be deemed to have accepted our privacy statement after we've published this Privacy Policy on and/or through our application and website.


Our website and application collect information that is essential for delivering our proxy services. Personal information may encompass, but is not limited to, the user's email address. The information gathered in this process is used for providing services to the user and for communication via email and/or newsletters. Some information on our application/platform is automatically collected through various tools and plugins.

2.1. Users' Information Collection

We collect information from all our users when they create an account on the 9Proxy website and/or application to use any of our provided services. The information provided to us includes, but is not limited to:
  • Email address
  • Users' Third-Party Related Information (Collected Automatically)
  • Payment Information (Processed Automatically)
  • Any additional information that users directly provide to us through our application or indirectly through our platform or online presence, such as ‘cookies’.

2.2. Payment Information

Users can subscribe through our website or through the relevant application store from which they downloaded the app. Payment information will be automatically processed by the application stores and the payment gateways they have implemented. These application stores will also treat and safeguard user data with their security measures. For information on data protection policies, users are encouraged to view and read the privacy policies of Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

2.3. Automatic Information Collection

We also collect information commonly gathered by websites and mobile applications to provide regular services. This type of information includes (but is not limited to) application usage by users, referring nodes, device OS and type, language preferences, and the date and time of users’ browsing history. We may release such information in aggregate form to improve our services. Please note that in aggregate form, individual users cannot be identified. Our services may also collect personally identifiable information, such as IP addresses and other information collected through cookies.


Our website uses, collects, and stores cookies on users’ devices. This cookie policy is written in accordance with privacy and user rights policies, informing users that their data may be collected and that they can contact us to have their data removed. A cookie is a log file that collects certain information and is stored on the user's or visitor’s device or personal computer. This information will be provided back to the device if such a user or visitor returns. The most common types of cookies are session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies that are deleted once the user exits the browser, while permanent cookies remain in the user’s or visitor’s browser until deleted by the user or until they expire on their own. Primarily, we use cookies to:
  • Understand how visitors are arriving at our application
  • Monitor the usage of our mobile application
  • Remember when a user last visited our application, and if the cookie persists, continue that user’s usage from the last time
  • Keep track for analysis purposes by storing analytical cookies
  • Track for marketing purposes
  • Facilitate error reporting
  • Aid in customer services
  • Conduct research and development by gathering user data in aggregated form
A functional cookie is a type of permanent cookie that is necessary for some services.


We rely on third-party platforms to provide our services. Please note that these services may change, and we may use other alternatives if we find new, better, and improved third-party platforms. There might also be third-party tracking and analytical service links on our application, which may include services like Google Analytics to help us track users’ session activity, bounce rate, time of stay, and general traffic analytics. Most of these links will be present to assist us in providing our services. Please note that any links on or through our application are there either for marketing purposes or as a requirement for the functionality of our application. These links may or may not be associated or affiliated with us in any way.


We are dedicated to safeguarding the personal data of consumers and users to the best of our capabilities. Data security is of utmost importance, and therefore, in compliance with global data privacy laws, we have implemented measures to ensure the protection of all data belonging to the consumers and users of our application. We have taken steps to ensure that all transactions on and through our application occur through well-protected payment platforms. Our application neither collects any payment-related information nor do we have control over it.
We May Share Users’ Information in the Following Instances:
  • When we are legally required to do so by a court of law or legal authority.
  • In the event that our business is transferred or sold to a new company or owner, user data stored by us will also be transferred to the new owner.
  • We may store and transfer users’ personal data outside of their residential countries, including outside of the European Union regions, for the purpose of data storage and processing. This action is taken to enhance the quality of our services. Users of our application hereby acknowledge that their data may be stored on hosting servers located outside their residential jurisdiction.
  • We will share users’ data with our service providers (such as web-hosting providers, payment partners, etc.), affiliates, marketing partners, business partners, and others who have legal rights to access users’ data.


In compliance with the GDPR, this statement is provided for all users of our application who use any or all of our services. All users have the right to access their personal information and understand how their data is stored on our application. Users can also request the removal or transfer of their data from our application.
Users have the following rights:
  • The right to access.
  • The right to rectification.
  • The right to erasure.
  • The right to restrict processing.
  • The right to object to processing.
  • The right to data portability.
If any user makes a request, we will respond within one month. If anyone would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact us at this email: [email protected].


All information users provide to us is stored securely and treated with care and respect. The data that we collect from users may be transferred to and stored at a destination outside the European Economic Area ("EEA"). It may also be processed by persons operating outside the EEA. If we do send users’ data outside the EEA, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that the recipient implements appropriate measures to protect users’ information.


The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a regulation enacted for the residents of the USA, specifically for the residents of the state of California. This law provides additional protections and rights for the protection of personal information for California residents. Our website does not sell personal information for monetary consideration; however, we do work with and share personal information with certain partners and third parties unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy. Under CCPA, users have certain rights that apply to the collection, storage, and sharing of their personal information. Users can contact us to exercise their rights under CCPA by emailing us at the address below.
Under CCPA, users have the following rights:
  • The right to know what personal information our website collects.
  • The right to know who we share their data with.
  • The right to delete their data.
  • The right to receive Non-Discrimination services.

8.1. Privacy of Children and Parents Accounts in Compliance with COPPA

COPPA stands for The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, enacted in 1998 to protect the information of children, specifically those under 13 years of age. The primary focus of the COPPA act is to put parents in control of the information to which their children have access. Our website and app do not knowingly collect information from children under 13 years of age. We do not knowingly collect, store, maintain, or use personally identifiable information from children under age 13. If you are under 13, you should never provide us with any personal information, nor should you use our website and our services.

8.2. Privacy Notice Disclosure For Parents Regarding Services Usage By Kids Under 13

We support the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) and other frameworks like the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). Our goal is to minimize the information gathered from and disseminated about children while permitting their active participation in the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice for which we are known.
In order for your child to use the 9Proxy website and services, they will require your permission. We will also need the parent’s email for consent.

How May Parents Access, Change, or Delete Information About Their Kids?

If you are a parent, and we need your consent for certain processing of your kids’ personal information, if you:
  • Wish us to cease further collection of personal information from your children.
  • Wish us to make no further use of, or delete, the personal information we have collected online from your children.
  • No longer wish for your children to use our services.
We will delete your child’s profile and any parental contact information we may hold upon request.
Note: We will need the same email account and confirmation from that email that was used to create your child's account on our website and application to ensure security.


Unless otherwise stated, information is collected for internal purposes only, including:
  • Administering services provided by our website and application.
  • Improving the productivity of our website.
  • Contacting the user for research, product development, or changes, and customer service.
  • Compiling anonymous statistical data and analysis.
  • Creating and managing accounts.
  • Delivering tailored advertising and recommendations.
  • Enabling communication between the website and the user.
  • Sharing user information with new partners in business transactions.
  • Fulfilling and managing purchases, orders, payments, and transactions.
  • Increasing the efficiency and operation of our website.
  • Offering new services and requesting customer feedback.
  • Preventing fraudulent transactions and protecting against criminal activity.
  • Resolving disputes, troubleshooting problems, and responding to requests.


All users have the right to opt-out of our email list by removing themselves from it. Users can either email us at [email protected] to stop receiving our emails or follow the “unsubscribe link” provided at the end of every email.


Any amendments or modifications to this Privacy Policy will be made based on the requirements and necessities of our application. All updated information will be publicly displayed on this page.


For any questions, remarks, queries, and feedback regarding any of the above-mentioned terms of our Privacy Policy, please contact us at [email protected].