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Data Scraping

Gathering information from diverse sources is crucial for making intelligent financial decisions. If scraping sessions feel like a nightmare, fret no more - we've got your back! Extract valuable business insights effortlessly from any publicly available target worldwide. Save your time and money while making profit-generating business decisions at ease.

Overcome Restrictions

Bypass CAPTCHAs, geo-blocks, and IP bans with 9M+ proxies from 195+ locations, including cities and US states.

Scale Your Business

From scraping multiple targets simultaneously to managing multiple social media and eCommerce accounts – we’ve got you covered.

Adaptable Solutions

Our solutions are designed to scale with your needs, regardless of the number of sources you need to gather data from, their availability, and location, allowing you to save time and effort.

The Best Scraping Proxies

With our web scraping and parsing solutions, you can seamlessly fetch real-time public data in bulk. Use our proxy infrastructure to target public data without restrictions or IP blocks. What sets 9Proxy apart:
Web scraping on scale
Real-time data gathering
Unrestricted data collection, transcending geo-boundaries
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9Proxy Use Cases

Shift your focus to data analysis while we handle seamless data delivery. Discover tailored residential proxy solutions for every business case.

Price Aggregation

Gain a competitive edge by gathering and maintaining comprehensive pricing data for online products.Read More
9Proxy use for price aggregation


Climb the ladder of success with optimized digital presence and higher search engine rankings.Read More
9Proxy use for serp and seo

Market Research

Conduct a thorough analysis of various markets and gather information from diverse niches.Read More
9Proxy use for market research


Create and manage multiple social media & eCommerce accounts with ease.Read More
9Proxy use for multi-accounting

Data Scraping

Gather undiscovered data assets and transform them into profit-generating business decisions.Read More
9Proxy use for data scraping

Ad Tech

Gain valuable insights for your advertising campaign through market and niche research and analysis.Read More
9Proxy use for Ad Tech