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Price Aggregation

With countless price changes happening daily, businesses need cutting-edge solutions to keep up with the ever-changing markets and increasingly savvy consumers. This is where 9Proxy can truly be your helping hand! Our top-notch proxies keep you in sync with the pulse of market dynamics, allowing you to respond swiftly to shifting price trends and consumer behaviors. We ensure a steady stream of fresh and reliable pricing data, readily available for immediate use, saving you valuable time and effort. Don't let the ever-changing market landscape overwhelm you. Embrace the power of 9Proxy and redefine your price monitoring prowess. Your success story begins here!

Overcome Restrictions

Bypass CAPTCHAs, geo-blocks, and IP bans with 9M+ proxies from 195+ locations, including cities and US states.

Scale Your Business

From scraping multiple targets simultaneously to managing multiple social media and eCommerce accounts – we’ve got you covered.

Adaptable Solutions

Our solutions are designed to scale with your needs, regardless of the number of sources you need to gather data from, their availability, and location, allowing you to save time and effort.

Why Choose 9Proxy for Price Monitoring?

Don't let the ever-changing market landscape overwhelm you. Embrace the power of 9Proxy and redefine your price monitoring prowess. Your success story begins here!
Collect Pricing Data on a Large Scale: Swiftly capture the latest information in a flash, adapt to the ever-changing landscape, and watch your business soar to new heights.
Global Price Access Made Easy: Pricing varies across regions and platforms, even for the same vendor. But don't let restricted regions hold you back! With 9Proxy by your side, you gain instant access to accurate pricing data, no matter where you are or which platform you're using.
Real-time API Price Monitoring: Experience 100% successful real-time product information retrieval, enabling you to monitor pricing at scale consistently.
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9Proxy Use Cases

Shift your focus to data analysis while we handle seamless data delivery. Discover tailored residential proxy solutions for every business case.

Price Aggregation

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Market Research

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Create and manage multiple social media & eCommerce accounts with ease.Read More
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Data Scraping

Gather undiscovered data assets and transform them into profit-generating business decisions.Read More
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Ad Tech

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